Week 37 - a week of process and few results

Most items on my weekly task list got an arrow this week, indicating that they were either not finished or not touched at all. So what did I do?

I spent most work and creative juice on my currently most urgent tasks,which are a brochure and corresponding pamphlettes plus artwork for a chocolate gift box. All my ideas (and some new ones) need to be developed further to decide which way to go onwards. There are promising things, and there are problems. Time has now become a serious factor. I'm inspired.

The rest of my time was spent with these activities:

  • Very interesting evening course about sociocratic meeting skills.
  • Refreshing board meeting in my art group.
  • Sewed new pillow cases, the old ones now look like Santa Claus's post bags.
  • Proposing and arguing my price for a book design.
  • Proposing my price for time spent in vain on several design jobs for a client, (which went well).
  • Went to the library, in vain, my reserved book was missing.
  • Creative client meeting in Holbæk. Encouraging.
  • Fun evening with my choir.
  • Took a turn in the thrift shop of Mejeriet, a local recycling project. Sorting stuff.
  • Lamp workshop, short and not so informative, yet an important step.
  • Material and technique training, sewing in chips bags and weaving with transport straps.
  • Was tired from grass pollen allergies. One day of a local outbreak of "cholera".
  • Hanging out on Pinterest, this thing called research. Inspiring.
  • Four rejuvenating long phone calls with artist friends and family members.
  • Spent more time than usual cooking and washing the dishes.
  • Writing this blog entry. No photos, sorry!

Yoga turned out to be beginning next tuesday, not this week, I misunderstood. I still don't do the five tibetans exercises.