I'd like to invite everybody to see this online talk with Aral Balkan.

In his talk he explains everything I believe is important for software development: The 1 % surveilling our every move through online services. How we can take back our human and democratic rights through design of decentralised services. He advocates for Ethical Design, which means designing technology that is "decentralised, private, open, interoperable, accessible, secure and sustainable", "functional, convenient and reliable" as well as "delightful".

It's everything I believe in, beautifully put.

He is an english designer, software developer and human data rights activist. He moved from the UK because of new data anti encryption laws there and is currently living in Malmö. He and his wife Laura have a work platform Ind.ie, (which reminds me of the potential in CouchDesign). They've created an app, Better, that stops you from being tracked while surfing the web.

Watch the talk here: https://ind.ie/beyond-the-clouds/

Jonas heard about Aral Balkan and the concept of Ethical Design at the Chaos Pilot University, while presenting himself and the network Homebase he runs there to the new team of students. His colleague Anders pointed towards the talk as further reference for the students.

It strikes me as brilliant in its clear and straightforward communication, and it could be a great source of inspiration for Debian Design.