This week I've spent two days working to bring down the update waiting time for the editing role on the website I've created a first draft of a tag pool for Vejviseren, the blog of the site. Created with Ikiwiki. I also fixed a few style issues have annoyed my eye for a while.

Like many other projects of mine, that website is a work in progress, a prototype, a place where I practice and learn. There are things that work well, others don't exactly work well. The author uses and promotes the site actively, and sometimes I even get to do some artwork. It's essentially gratifying.

And then the annoyances. I am on them with renewed enthusiasm.

However, I need to work on my tendency to get annoyed with all the things that could be better. My designs, my routines, my skills, the services I use. I sometimes take it out on Jonas, and I did this week. However, I appreciate being able to work like I do with the things I work with.

I've spent two other days on a brochure design to be presented next week. I want to share more of my work, but I better wait 'till a later phase of this particular design.

During the week I had half a day in Holbæk. I went for a meeting with a former colleague from the small publishing group Fjordliv, I was a member of a few years back (it's closed now). She has a book on the way, and invited me to set it up for her, which I'll be happy to do. I love designing books.

This week my choir, Orøkoret, started the new season. Every thursday evening I'll be occupied singing and socializing with other local voices, endorphins flowing.

It's been a rainful week, and I have spent about an hour daily cutting grass with scythe, raking and moving those small stacks of grass or pulling burning nettles out of the soft, wet soil.

I've been looking forward to a lamp making course Saturday, but we were supposed to be outside, and it was raining, starting half an hour before and continuing for the rest of the day, so we called it off, and will try again next saturday.

What's next

Coming up is a meeting with my co-developer of design solutions at Friis-Holm Chocolate. Mikkel Juul. He is hard to get at, because of the busy life at the chocolate factory and the many conventions they attend. So now we have decided to meet regurlarly, but shortly, every other week. I'm convinced it will speed up our development time and also be even more fun and interesting. We have a lot of designs in development, but I'm most excited to show him the brochure proposal.

Monday I'll join a course on sociocratic methods in local development projects. This is related to the project Mejeriet.

Yoga classes start tuesdag. It's my intention to get back into my fleeing habit of doing the five tibetans every morning, and my yoga teacher is a strong advocate of that in particular. We always start our sessions with a round, so I get a firm push in the back every week.

A meet-up in the local artist network is scheduled tuesday evening. We have an exhibition in December, and two books on the way, which I am designing, and have been putting off for a month now. The time has finally arrived to restart those processes.

Saturday will be the lamp workshop, hopefully.