After telling a friend about our desktop distribution design oriented journey through India last december-february, she got her son interested in our activities. We met in spring, and soon we got an internship arranged and approved, starting late this summer.

His name is Nikolai. He is studying computer science at Zealand Institute of Business and Technology in Roskilde.

Jonas and I had a deep look into our pending projects in our partnership platform Couchdesign. We believe we have some interesting projects for him to work with.

We have a strong intention to document and sharpen our communication effort concerning the subjects we touch in our work and life. My first instinct is to blog, since writing is a good way for me to clarify my thoughts. We have started collecting notes about our digital routines. We are getting ready to give talks about free software and free (and libre) graphics. Few people know enough to see the endless possibilities in open collaboration and in free software.

We will invite Nikolai to understand and create setup and user documentation for some of our routines, then work to improve them. We have picked four issues for him to dig into:

  1. Collaborative communication online.
  2. ShowMeBox. Testing a Pure Debian Blend for a tiny computer.
  3. Print. Do we need to buy a new printer or can we solve our current printer problems? Research and share findings on a global database.
  4. Music - shared storage and accessibility to home server.

Our friend and free software colleague Vasudev in Bangalore is invited to participate in our regular online meetings.