I'm proud and happy to work with historian Paul Hartvigson on his guided tours website byvandring.nu. Paul fills the website and his blog there with such good content about the city of Copenhagen, culture and history, politics, quirky personalities and life in the sidestreets and gutters. He lives and breathes Copenhagen. Apart from being an excellent storyteller, he is also a keen photographer and uses images everywhere on his giant, growing website.

The website is made with ikiwiki, which gives Paul the freedom to edit the content himself from a web interface. I manage the visual design with SCSS, the original concept being a three-column fluid design. The website is free from jawascript.

The website has not been changed visually for many years. I am currently working on a responsive design to accomodate users with mobile phone access better. On the wishlist is also interactive maps, alternative ways of exploring, some kind of calendar and an updated look.

I always waste time and energy struggling with the code, so this time I intend to let go of my best intentions of coding myself. The approach is to make visualisations of our ideas and talking them over with Jonas. When we know what we want to do, we have a much better chance of doing it together.

We (Paul and I) draw inspiration from websites like Statens Museum for Kunst, Glyptoteket and Davids Samling