I haven't completely caught my breath after DebCamp and DebConf in Heidelberg, that ended last sunday.

The central event of this week has been Bernelle and Grahams visit. They are both from South Africa and part of the organization team of DebConf16 in Cape Town next summer. We met them during DebConf and have become involved in DebConf related projects with them, of both communicative, graphical and technical nature. They spent three days here, calmly exploring the island on their own and drinking beer. Graham and Jonas fiddled with a Debian installation for minicomputers and -boards, and Bernelle helped me (on her own initiative) cutting back the hedge facing the road. We hope to be able to visit and work with them in Cape Town during the months leading up to DebConf16.

My parents have been staying in a summer hut in North Sealand this week. We spent half a day together in Tegner's Museum in the beginning of the week. After some logistical troubles we also managed to meet up in Copenhagen along with Asbjørn and Alvilda and Axel friday afternoon. We recently had a visit from Alvilda and her friend Axel, but it has been a while since I've been with Asbjørn, so I was particularly happy to catch up with him before we met with the others.

My head's been buzzing after the many impressions from the previous weeks, and I've been happy to deal with the practicalities of coming home from a journey and with having guests. I've only had a few jobs that I needed to give my attention to during the week. I've been shopping food, washing clothes, cooking, baking, cleaning, washing dishes, all basically a week of meditation. The last two days we've been alone, and we've hardly spoken to each other; we've been in different worlds. Jonas has buried himself in our newest project, ShowMeBox, and I'm still in the process of collecting my thoughts. We have no acute deadlines, but have involved ourselves in several relatively big and complex projects, each of them generating more questions than answers at the moment. Next week I have no special events on my schedule, and I'm looking forward to dig in.

After MiniDebConf in Barcelona last spring I had a stress reaction, and it took me months to recover. This lack of concentration feels nothing like that. I'm just tired and a little overwhelmed, but also inspired to act.

I've been pushing my sales tax calculations in front of me all week, so that is my most important task today.