Sustainable visual identity design is a design that recycles as many elements as possible with every new piece of communication. Not only is a brand strengthened every time the logo and any other identity forming visual element is used, a lot of work is also saved as well. Every logo variant is a weakening of the brand, not a strengthening.

Of course design improvements can be made - always, all year 'round - preferably not right up to the next conference.

I consider it a waste of time to create a sublogo for a minidebconf. The Debian logo is perfectly suitable as logo for a Debian conference.

In the particular case of the Barcelona MiniDebConf 2014, I think the Debian Women logo is the proper logo to use, though, since it is a Debian Women project, contradictionary as it may sound.

The same principle of recycling typography and grids. I'd like as much identity matter - and work - to be reused, as possible. There is no need to reinvent the wheel every time.

A visual theme created with illustration and colour schemes is enough as identity indicator for smaller events like MiniDebConfs. In my opinion.

Logo and logotype

The Debian Women logo. Event name set in the font Procipio, familiar to the Debian logo. The name is long and cannot be scaled down much. A version with the name set in two lines can be used in narrow space, like on a folder.


The speech bubble is a part of the visual theme.

Orange is a color I connect with Spain, sun and oranges. I suggest it used with red like the Debian logo red.


The speech bubbles could be used in a varied form. I've stated a few important statements here. I'd like a shared list of statements.

There must be other info on the poster as well.

The white space at the bottom is for sponsor logos.

The font I use in the speech bubbles in this draft is an Apple font called Flood. I'd like to find a free font with similar qualities.

The statement in the speech bubble could easily be exchanged.


There are many possibilities. I like the idea of printing just a speech bubble in the front and give people the opportunity to write their personal statements with textile pens.

Nametags could be badges to be filled out on the spot with a pen.