As an introvert I like - well, I need to - spend time alone. I get my best ideas on my own. But when I truly thrive is when I am connected with others, cocreating.

For the last couple of weeks it's been difficult for me to work on the visual design for the MiniDebConf in Barcelona next month. There have been practical reasons, but the real reason was that I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

Sharing my uncomfortable feelings with my boyfriend finally made me able to see that I have been feeling alone, and feeling that I had to prove myself with my work. I felt disconnected from the people in Debian I want to cooperate with.

I'd really benefit from sharing my thoughts and ideas more with others. The unpleasant feeling of "stuckness" dissolved when I said out loud what they were about, and ideas for changing my state appeared. Now I've started hanging out on the irc-channel more, I've asked for help in finding stuff in the huge pile of info, rules and previous examples and experiences at and my decision to blog and share more is strengthened. Finally the work has begun.

Conferences are about meeting up and getting connected. Listening to somebody trying to enlighten you on a subject. Getting inspired.

And so my idea of using speech bubbles as a visual identity koncept for the conference has everything to do with my own experience of connection and disconnection.

Release, early, release often, I cannot say that I have done that. We really need the peoposals to be ready now. Thankfully I'll have time in the following days to get feedback and finish. I really hope people will accept the idea, but I'm expecting a debate.