I am wearing the red shoes, and I want to slow down. Too much is going on. I thought I could handle all my tasks, but my plans did not include any time to handle problems. And problems occurred this week, and even though we found a solution, we haven't really found a good and sustainable solution.

During this I was in not in the mood or at times even capable of addressing any other problems or handling any other issues or even doing other tasks than making food and washing the dishes. So I'm falling behind my shedule.

Obviously I get too easily stirred up. I have old projects and overdue deadlines. I get myself involved in too many things at a time and still want to do a good job in a laid back fashion. I'm not good at rushing things.

What I do now is do things one at a time. This is so easy to talk about if you are a successful designer or writer or programmer, but when you lack professional success, it is hard. It comes out like lazyness. Like something to be ashamed of. Well, I'm not, but I am afraid of judgements from other people. Old issue of mine that pops up in times like these.

Most of the time I get things done, and in time too.

I need to get even more realistic in my expectations. I need to leave some time in my shedule free to correct mistakes. Or, as I realise, I need to take adjustments easy. It's not the end of the world.