I write for many hours a day. I write emails, stream of conscious-pages, logs, blogs, notes, statusses, comments, lists, essays, mindmaps, plans, dreams, heck, I even write poems sometimes. I write on a book. Mostly I write for myself, I write to move myself forward, I reflect. Writing is my tool to find solutions, to empty my mind, to connect to and ground myself.

I've been keeping this blog for some years now, but it has been slowly suffocating from lack of activity. I've therefore decided to move a lot more of my reflections into this space; make it public.

Writing here is now my first priority (after urgent job activities). And I'm more decided on writing here than ever before. I'd like to clean up the categories as well, making it more useful to those of you who is going for content and not just reading because you know me. I think it's time to enable comments as well.

I'd also like to share more stuff that is useful or inspiring for me as a designer, artist and entrepreneur. I'm exited about what will emerge from this. I'm sure I will be positively affected by keeping a more consistent blog.