speech bubble

I have a concept idea for a visual theme for the MiniDebConf in Barcelona in March. Speech bubbles with words or short sentences about free speech, equality, brotherhood, collaboration, communicating ideas and free software.

Here are some examples:

  • No free lunch
  • Freedom begins in the mind
  • Freedom, equality, sisterhood
  • Women can be brothers, too
  • Just be yourself
  • Come as you are
  • I'm as free as I think I am
  • Speak up
  • Do what you want

Friendly, encouraging, welcoming and - hopefully - thoughtful, liberating and/or provocative statements or questions.

I'd like to put up a lot of prints with these sentences in the building during the event, alongside some empty ones for everybody to fill in their own statements.

It would also be good to mix speech bubbles and thought bubbles.

Using a speech bubble as a logo component could be a simple, yet nice solution. It could even be a generic branding concept for MiniDebConfs.