Am I up to this?

I've signed myself up for a talk and for conducting two discussions at the MiniDebconf-Women coming up in March. They will be my first small contributions to the Debian community. And my first public talk ever.

The talk is called "Graphic Design with Debian". I've made an initial presentation of what it's about right here.

The discussions I'd like to invite to are called "Participation" and "Visual design in Debian". Both calls for a further description, which I hope to come around to make soon.

With all three initiatives I aim to help bridge the gap between coders and designers way of thinking and working. I hope for dialogue. I want cooperation. I want further understanding - both ways. I want us to level with each other.

This is not easy. I live and work with a geek, and God knows we don't always speak the same language. I've also previously seen a snub-nosed designer being boo'ed out of a presentation. I won't let that happen to me. I have no design presentation. I have no ideas up front. I'd like to invite coders into my world. I want to introduce coders to design thinking. I know it is possible, and if anyone can do it, I can. At least I hope so.

I have some cleaning up and other preparations to do in my world before the party begins. I'm glad I have a whole long winter to do that. I'll keep you posted.