I recently attended FSCONS in Göteborg. It was the first time for me. I'm very glad I went.

The idea of attending was to deepen my involvement with "the free software movement" - feeding my ideas about how I can or want to contribute.

I decided to participate a long time ago. I've considered finding a mentor, applying for the Outreach Program for Women etc., but I still need to figure out how to make small contributions, finding a team to work with etc. I'm a little disappointed with myself that I haven't figured it all out already, a long tima ago, that is. I know I want to work with interface design, but while I'm a web designer, I am not an expert on interface design. And I'd convinced a part of myself that I had nothing to contribute.

So I was on a quest, going to FSCONS. Some people I know would be there, and there was a chance to meet up with some friends of Jonas, that I'd already heard of. Jonas was giving a talk himself, and it made sense to meet more free software-people in Scandinavia and help strengthen the community a bit. (It's needed! There are not many free software users in Scandinavia.)

We stayed with two students from India, Raghu and. They were kind enough to invite us to crash in their small student apartment and feed us breakfast and dinner for four days.