Water colour experiment

As you might know, among other things I work with webdesign. Originally because I wanted to design my own website. And here I am, involved with several other websites and more or less involved in some of Jonas's projects, many of which have a web end of sorts.

Time calls for webdesign for small devices like smartphones, and it's a bit of a mouthfull for someone who doesn't own one and actually don't plan to get one any time soon. For a long time I've considered this a huge problem standing in my way of even beginning to imagine any good ideas for the websites I maintain and develop. I don't have a clue if clicking, scrolling or zooming is better.

I have visited lots of websites displaying good responsive design, but felt blocked anyway.

Jonas encourages me to base my designs in visual communication and set the technical and user experience oriented concerns a bit aside. And finally I feel a resonance in me.

Playfulness is my new parole. I practise play through my daily water color painting sessions, a continuation of the routine I've formed during my latest challenge of getting a number of paintings ready for exhibition at a specific date. I develop my artwork by diving into my creative space for a short while each day and playfully create images. For instance I paint with the colors I'm wearing that day, or landscapes and skies. Stripes, circles, soft shapes and lines, colors running and mixing on the paper. I'm absorbed with it like a child and looking forward to testing out the next idea coming up along the way.

I need to apply the selfsame playfulness to my web design process.

Of vourse I still can't visualise any glossy responsive web designs. But I'm confident that they will show up, and lots of them, as soon as I stop speculating and get to work on it. Which I will do as soon as possible. Today.

How about you? Are you inspired making artwork or still waiting for inspiration to show up one of these days?