A lot of projects

But are they too many?

I tend to engage myself in too much. That's good. Makes my life whole.

But no, this is not going to be the perspective of this blog. The self criticism. The doubt.

Lately, I've engaged myself in a local forest gardening project. Attracted by the energy streamed from a wonderful woman. It's her project, but I've already made it mine. Thinking thoughts and communicating what I think. Wondering how I can contribute. Starting a blog. Planning community involving activities. Figuring out how this can be a part of my ongoing life.

My reason is that it makes sense to the world and to me personally.

I'm making art out of some local myths and stories. It makes sense to me on a personal level, on a community level, and from a historical, cultural level. And a little bit on a commercial level. But the commercial aspect would be so much easier for me to engage in, if I was doing that as part of a group on this, somehow. Well, I used to be, but not anymore.

I'm involved in arranging a competition among South African high school students about creating the best visualization of open data. This is not something I know the slightest thing about. But it makes sense to me to engage the young in their own communities. This can make somebody open their eyes to the power - the possible role - of the individual. Locally and globally.

I'm planning a trip to India with Jonas, studying and hopefully helping out in local desktop projects in their design challenges. The impact of the energetic vibration that your software emits is an important and very relevant field to me. It's challenging because I have many shortcomings involved. This is also a way for me to give energy and love back to the free software community. I haven't found a way to focus continuously on this. Traveling helps me focus and evolve as a person and a designer.

My paying customers include an enthusiastic storyteller with a bureau for unusual city walks, an idealistic and awardwinning chocolate maker, a personal coach, a small theater and a one-man-company selling private solar heating. All great causes that speak to equally important and very different aspects of human life.