Thoughts on engagement and excitement

I'm contacting my engagement and excitement. The feelings are there - from experience - as resources for me to draw upon. So, I'm focusing on feeling them.

Grounding, movement, clarity, focus, strength, drive, knowledge and joy might be the opposites of what I am feeling. Therefore I focus on them.


I enjoy most parts of my work. I like it, when I know what to do and am actually doing it.

I feel intense joy when I get a new insight, get to an agreement with others in a team, or finish a part of a project.

I really enjoy movement. When a piece of work is moving along. When I'm getting somewhere.

Not just flow, chunky movement is okay, too. Slow movement is also movement. Movement is a source of joy for me.

I'm taking action on "securing" movement. I can't control the actual pace, but I can put in the time and the attention. I can plan. Create routines.

Grounding and strength is remembering who I am and why I do what I do. Remembering my visions, goals, tools, values. Checking in. Basically that's what I do when I write.


Clarity is a stage I move into and slide out of, not a constant state of mind.

By consciously and actively striving for clarity, I get it. Sooner or later I get it. And then I lose it again.

It's rhythmic.


I'm easy to engage in a cause or a project, a job. I easily connect the further development of my resources with other peoples' ideas. Professionally, voluntarily and personally. I make their case mine.

It's habitually harder for me to pursue my own ideas.

Clarity helps me figure out how to move on. Consciously formed habits, too.

Leading a life of steady creativity. Instead of jumping from project to project, race to race to their individual finishing lines, it's a flow of interconnected activities, naturally producing output when matured. That is the state of mind I seek. That is the life I strive to design for myself.

Relevance is motivation. Excitement. Energy. Drive. And essential to interaction with others.

However I cannot connect with whatever and anybody. All the projects I work for, I associate with myself. I make them mine.

Meeting others challenges me to define myself and my purpose. To sharpen what I do and why.